yellow lab in chaise lounge

Yellow Lab Stars in Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

yellow lab in chaise lounge

Nothing like a showcasing the bond between people and animals to make a killer commercial.

Thanks for ruining my makeup this morning, Budweiser ad guys!

It’s hard to imagine improving upon those majestic Clydesdale horses that Budweiser so beautifully shows off in their annual Super Bowl ads. But adding a puppy to the mix — a yellow Labrador puppy — definitely amps up the “awww” factor exponentially. This year’s Budweiser commercial is especially meaningful because I’ve got a special yellow Labrador that shares my life, my Tango. That cute little yellow Labrador in the picture above is my Tango when he was being raised to be a service dog.

It seems that I’m always turning in a service puppy a month or so before the Super Bowl and maybe that’s why I’m especially vulnerable (and dissolve into sobs) when I see these commercials.

This year’s commercial (below) is pretty amazing:

Last year’s commercial hit me especially hard because I’d just turned in yet another puppy and was feeling the post turn-in blues. Last year’s commercial really gets theĀ bond between people and animals and is good in it’s own right:

What do you think?

Another hit for Budweiser? What are some of your favorite animal themed commercials?

  • Meghan as FireBonnet

    I’m just glad I haven’t put my makeup on yet this morning! I’ve got tears streaming. Horses are my soft spot… Thank you (I think) for sharing. šŸ˜‰ I think one of my favorite animal commercials was one where these cowboys were herding cats like cattle… it was hilarious. I don’t remember what they were advertising (maybe catfood?) but it was well done.

    • Laurie Luck

      I know exactly the commercial you’re talking about. Herding cats — that one was a funny one. Looks like there might be two different Budweiser commercials. This one, though, will be my fave!